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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Your teachers are Miss Crofton,  Mrs Ignatov and Miss Webb. You are supported by Mrs Sharp, Mrs McGinley, Mrs H  and Mrs Roskilly.


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Grosvenor Hall 2017

Climbing, team challenge, 3G swing, beach volleyball

Day 2

Well most of us had enough sleep! Cooked breakfast was a treat! Volleyball and 3G swing this morning. Volleyball was quite hard in the heat, teamwork paid off in the end! Many children conquered their fears with the height involved on the swing. We all enjoyed watching each other scream. What's next?
A few photos from today. Aerial Runway and Nightline. Not all of the children are pictured yet, lots more to come. We've had dinner and made some beds. Everyone is having a great time!

More pictures for day one! Fencing and our evening activity Scrapheap Challenge

World Book Day 2.3.17
Year 6 had great fun on World Book Day. We dressed up and focused on 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. We dramatized the story and wrote letters from objects. Then we created our own crayons - a fantastic day!

​Samba music day 29.9.16

Today year six had a fantastic Samba drumming day. We were inspired by Jim's drumming skills and each class composed some Samba music and performed this afternoon. The different instruments were fun to learn, we even practised our accents when naming them. We had to learn some tricky rhythms but we persevered and were apparently the best group yet! Now we look forward to building on our skills in our music lessons.

Science day 20.9.16

Year six boys took part in a science day today. Some boys had the challenge of building a bridge out of wood and others used a variety of materials to design and make the most effective aeroplane.


Bridge group

We knew that we needed to make a stable bridge and used reinforcement for the corners. We had to be careful with the hot glue gun. We planned our ideas and discussed which plan would work. Then we worked together and took turns using saws and glue to create the bridge. We were really pleased with the results.


Aeroplane group

We chose our own variables, some of us changed material, different paper, card and plastic bubble wrap. Some looked at whether size would make a difference. We also had to decide whether to measure time in the air or distance flown. We experimented with tape and decided that the heavier planes didn't work so well. We planned our designs and also our results table so that we could ensure a fair test. There were some surprise results.