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Week 3

Week 3- This week we will be concentrating on non-standard units of measuring 


We have previously looked at putting things in size order.  We have drawn around a class member and used non-standard units of measure to see who was the longest/tallest.  Please see this link to understand what we mean by non-standard units. 

Measuring using paperclips (non standard units) Let your child watch this with you.  Discuss the importance of using something the same size (to measure with), with no gaps/overlapping etc as you place each measuring tool down. 


Monday Day 1:  Clip to watch (Jim Henson)


Tuesday Day 2 clip to watch (Seasame street)


Get your child to estimate how many (pencils/hands/feet/pens/paperclips,pegs) long something is.  Compare it to the next item you measure, is their estimate sensible?  Can they understand that if a book is 2 pencils long, do they estimate a chair to be more than 2 pencils.  Get them to then check their findings. 


Wednesday Day 3 Game re-cap shortest and longest

Game using cm


Measurement (non-standard) relies on counting accuracy, so please do keep practising the counting to 100 song everyday (this will help not only with counting to 100, but also the correct number formation-getting the numbers in the correct order ie 12 not 21). (I’ll try and give you a different song for each week).  Keep using the links to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s too if your child is not yet secure. 


If your child is able to confidently measure with non-standard units.  You can move them onto using a ruler.

Game using cm

I’ve attached some sheets which you can use for standard units of measure (cm).