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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The teachers in Year 4 are Miss Barnett, Miss Nixon and Miss Underwood. We are supported by Mrs Huedebourk.

You can contact your class teacher on the following email addresses:





What we will be learning this week

This week (beginning 22/3/21) we are looking at:

RE- We will be continuing our topic of Self Discipline, looking at the Easter Story and the Stations of the Cross.

Reading and Writing- We will be continuing our class text, Varjak Paw by SF Said. We will be writing newspaper reports about the mysterious 'Vanishings' in the book. We will be focusing on Vocabulary as a reading skill.  

Maths- We are continuing our topic of 'Fractions'. We will be finding fractions of objects and of amounts. 



Each week you should be reading at least 5 times a week for at least 10 minutes. You should do a mixture of reading to yourself, to an adult or an adult can read to you. You must write in your reading record about what happened and your parents should sign it.

We will be doing a test on the 7 and 12 times tables this Friday. 

The spellings for our test on  25/3/21: Guide, Guitar, Guard, Guidebook, Guest, Guardian, Guarantee, Guess

Please see below our updated detailed overview of the Year 4 curriculum for each term, and what we will be covering again since the Lockdown.

Please enjoy below a selection of photos of us doing some of our activities in school

As it is Science Week this week, we made structures, exploring forces and what is needed to strengthen and to make them taller.

In English, we created freeze frames to show Varjak and his family. Have a look at everyone's facial expressions- can you tell how each character feels about Varjak?

On Christmas jumper day, we made our theatres that we had designed in DT.

We have been focusing on our characterisation in drama, thinking about how the character of Scrooge behaves and looks in A Christmas Carol

In 4U, we made board games in our Design and Technology lesson based on Anglo-Saxon games we learnt about in out Topic lessons.

We have been making our own board games in Design and Technology based on Anglo-Saxon games we learnt about in our Topic lessons

Here we are dressed in red to fundraise for Remembrance Day

For our geography topic on our local area, we visited our local park and identified some areas that need improving. Do you agree?

4U's role play of Jesus calling Andrew and Simon from one of our RE lesson this week.

Here we are interpreting Bible stories about Moses when exploring The Torah and Judaism

English- planning for our debates about whether the 'Monster' should be exterminated