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Year 1

What we will be learning week commencing 13-07-21


  • We will be completing the end of term Maths assessment.  


  • We will be learning and writing facts about whales and reading non-fiction texts to research.
  • We will be learning and writing facts about sharks and reading non-fiction texts.


  • We will be weaving and using natural resources.


  • The children will learning about the north and south pole.  They will be using bee-bots and learning North, South, East and West.  


  • We will be focusing on how to take pictures and download them onto the laptop onto a powerpoint and ordering pictures.   


  • We will be looking food chains  

Bug club and reading at home

Please find below attached video, of how we would like you to film your child reading.  Please send this in by Wednesday morning, ready for an adult to watch and give feedback. You can do this by clicking the prompt add response' on see-saw and selecting video.   

Do not have the book set on 'read to me'.  This is not the purpose for which bug club was purchased.  It is to allow the children to have access to multiple books whilst home-schooling to read (not be read to).

If you do not click on the little bugs on each page, to answer comprehension questions relating to the book, the book will not show as being read/completed.  You may also not move on, to be allocated more books.  

Please ensure that your child reads the same book on more than one occasion, this is to build fluency and expression.  

2 books have been allocated, please ensure that you only read these two books for a whole week. 

Finally, please remember to write the name of the book each day, with an adults signature.  

Miss Burton is here on Thursday's and Friday's to answer phone calls relating to bug club questions. 

Thank you 



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Monday 11th January 2022  Homeschooling

Please find attached timetable for the lessons which will be added to see-saw for each day.  


Bug club access - trouble shooting (apple products)

Go to settings

Scroll down to safari

prevent cross-site tracking



Please see below learning for tomorrow and Friday.  I've added extra for anyone who would like to complete some sentences over the holiday period. 

Please can you take a photo of your child's work and submit it via see saw.  Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children to complete and submit the homework last week on seesaw.  

Please look at the back of your child's reading record to scan the QR code to access the homework portal.  

You can install the seesaw app to your device or type into your search.   

Thank you and have a lovely Christmas!

What we have been learning week commencing 02-11-20


  • What ordinal numbers are: First, second, third etc (Sheet attached on homework page).
  • Place value: Tens, units and using money to make 'teen' numbers (This is an easy one for your child to practise at home.  Write a double digit number and see if they can allocate the correct amount of 10's and 1p's).  Some children will only be able to do 11p-19p).


  • We have started reading our new topic book and explored what the African Savannah is like.
  • The children have described what animals look like.
  • They went on to look at facts about Lions.

What we have been learning in our Year 1 First term

We have been working on our recovery curriculum, alongside the regular Year 1 curriculum.  Here are some of the areas we have been covering listed below.  We have attached some worksheets, so that you can allow your child to re-cap the learning from this term.  I will also be adding some of the songs we use in school.    


  • Counting on and back from numbers 1-100. We do this to find 1 or 2 more and 1 or 2 less.
  • Learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's.
  • Finding number bonds to 10.
  • Re-cap 2d shapes and using a Venn and Carroll diagram.
  • Pattern recognition and Symmetry.
  • Comparing and ordering numbers most and least etc.
  • Writing numbers to 20 in words.
  • Estimation and using counting in 5's to count accurately.  Using our previous estimation and count check, to make a sensible prediction based on what we already know. 


  • We have been looking at the book 'How to find Gold'.  We have been writing in speech and thought bubbles.  We have been adding adjectives to our writing.  
  • We have written in script form and wrote story maps.


  • We have been learning about our body including our bones and senses.


  • We have been looking at the different Seasons of the year.



Attitudes and Dispositions

Curriculum Overview for Year 1-Subjects covered (Recovery Curriculum included)

Welcome to Year 1!


Our teachers are Mrs Foley, Miss Gander and Mrs Obende. We are supported by

Mrs Cantwell and Mrs Lochowska in 1O

Mrs Watras and Mrs Perry in 1F

Mrs Hubbard in 1G Mrs Hubbard

PE will commence week beginning 14-09-20.  Please ensure that your child brings in their PE kit (which must be labelled).  As we will be continuing PE on the field (due to Covid) it is advisable that you purchase the tracksuit, in preparation for the colder months.  You will also be allowed to wear a plain black pair of trainers (inexpensive please) as these are better for our outdoor activities.  


Please ensure that from week beginning 21-09-20 that reading records are signed and returned to school daily.  If you have a message for your class teacher, please write this in the diary and let your child hand this to the teacher as they walk through the gate (we are unable to look in every child's diary on a daily basis).  Reading books will be changed every Friday.  


Homework is issued on a Friday online, these should be printed and practised daily.  There will be a reading and spelling check of all the words on a Friday morning.  This is part of our recovery curriculum, as these were Reception words which the children usually will have secured by July.  We will move onto Year 1 words, as soon as the Reception words have been re-taught.