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25-09-20 Spelling common irregular words

We have added a Maths activity to the weekly homework (from 09-10-20).  This will enable you to see what your child is secure at and what you may need to support them with.  We will have been working with them during the week on the Maths topic, so there is no need to return the sheets.  Please use them for practice and keep at home.

Books are changed on Friday's.  RWI books (Phonics books) are changed once the work has been completed in class, usually 3-5 days.  Please ensure that the reading record is signed daily.

Guided reading is the only reading which is taking place at the moment.  Hopefully we will be allowed parent volunteers after Christmas and we will be able to increase the amount of times the children are heard reading. Rest assured they are heard most days, by their Phonics teachers, but in 45 minutes it is not possible to write in every child's book.

Please do feel free to write your own books, that you have shared, in the reading record.   


Thank you.