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Year 5


The teaching staff in Year 5 are Mrs. Harris (5H), Mrs Edwards/Mrs French (5VF) & Mr Lovell (5L).


The support staff in Year 5 is Mrs. Mc Ginley


Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term. It's not like we wanted but together we will get through this.

Thank you

The Year 5 team

Week 13


Homework is set Monday to Friday. We are asking the pupils to complete the overviews (Monday-Friday) and then send their completed work by 12 pm the following Monday. If you have any questions, please email your child's teacher. Please be aware that Mrs Harris AND Mr Lovell are now in school full time teaching pupils who are the children of key workers. If you have any questions about work or need something clarified, please be aware that it may take us longer to reply.


Please open and check the English, Maths and Topic overviews (in the folders) to see what is expected each week.


Those of you who displayed excellent work would have received Golden Tickets or had your work posted below.


Keep up all of your hard work.


Remember your teachers are still here to help you. Please email your teacher if:

  • You're not sure what to do (after checking the overview).
  • You're stuck and can't get an answer or do something.
  • You want any guidance/ help.


Thank you for your continued support. 


The Year 5 Team 




Please ensure you are listening to the Virtual Assemblies which are led by Mr Birtles (they can be found in the Assemblies tab below).

Speak out. Stay safe. Virtual Assembly

Please watch this important video from the NSPCC in association with Ant and Dec. Mrs Harris watched this video today with the Year 4/5 Key Worker's children and wanted it to be shared with all of you. It is very informative and gives you lots of information on many current issues and worries.

Welcome to our virtual 'Speak out. Stay Safe.' assembly! This session will be led by the wonderful Sally from our Schools Service, and features special guest...

Year 5 Victorian Day

Year 5 World Book Day - Alice in Wonderland

5H English Spring Term - Reader's Theatre

5H Science

5H Victorians

5VF Maths - Spring Term Fractions

5VF Science - Properties of Materials

5L - Christmas Jumper Day

5L - English Spring Term

5L - Maths Spring Term ~ Multiplication and Division

5L - Science (Air Resistance Experiment)

Science - Thermal Insulator vs Thermal Conductor Experiment

5L - Victorians

5L - PSHE Democracy