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Week 4

Some useful Powerpoints on common homophones that you might like to look at before completing the work or if you get stuck

Day 3 Punctuation Practice. Challenge 1 to do sheet with ** Challenge 2 to do sheet with *** Challenge 3 to do sentences on sheet with *** and to write 2 additional challenge sentences of your own to show punctuation correction - remember to make one of the sentences a 'mistake' sentence with no punctuation at all and write your second sentence with the correct punctuation - even better if your sentence can contain one or more homophone spellings

Day 4 diary writing - identify the key features of a diary using the differentiated sheets. Day 5 - use the differentiated sheets for planning and writing a diary entry as a day in the life of an animal. Remember to look at the Powerpoint on writing a diary entry before completing the activities as this gives you an overview of what a good diary should look like.