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Below you will find the resources for writing for each week if you would like them. The homework is set out in most documents as Challenge 1-3, 1*= Challenge 1, 2*= Challenge 2 and 3*= Challenge 3. The children can choose their own challenge, but this must be challenging yet achievable for them. Parents, please note the answers are also within the document for you to check their work. Homework will be set every Wednesday to be completed and emailed back to your teacher by the following Wednesday. Please try to only send one email per week and attach the document containing ALL of that week's work. To avoid problems reading your files, please ensure you save your documents as .PDF files

Please send to the following email address for your teacher:

Miss Barnett-

Miss Underwood-

Miss Nixon-

 This would also be an excellent time to keep a diary to remember this strange time in later life!