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Week 3

This work is due in on Wednesday 29th April. Please send it in one document, along with your reading, topic and maths, in an email to your teacher.

     You might find the videos and activities on the following websites helpful on this task               



You might find the following website helpful for this task:

  Further details on work - Does the Yeti exist?     


Day 3    Read the Yeti information leaflet.    Using the */**/*** challenge 1 -3 sheets, plan some ideas about the Yeti and if you think it exists


Day 4    Using wikipedia or other useful websites, research some further information on the Yeti and make some notes to help you with your writing to decide whether the yeti exists or not.

Some useful websites you might find information on the Yeti are:


Complete the 'Wanted' poster for a Yeti


Day 5

Write out your argument under the title 'Does the Yeti exist?'  Write in clear paragraphs and make sure you have put your clear points across.  Proofread and edit your writing afterwards, checking for spelling and punctuation errors.