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Week 11

This week you will look at compound sentences, subordinating conjunctions and uplevelling sentences as well as planning and writing a dairy entry linked to our History topic. There are 5 sections below that contain PowerPoints and worksheets, where necessary, for each day. We recommend that you look at the PowerPoints  before starting the tasks. 


Week 11's work is due in by Wednesday 1st July. 

Complete two of the uplevelling sentences sheets above. You can choose 'The Hungry Dog', 'Perfect Day on the Beach', 'Creamy Cupcakes', 'St Peter's Primary' or 'Artistic License'. Look carefully at the stars at the bottom of the pages to ensure you are completing the right challenge (Challenge 1 = *, Challenge 2 = ** and Challenge 3 = ***). E.g. I can complete the Challenge 2 sheets (**) for 'The Hungry Dog' and 'Creamy Cupcakes'.