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Trip to Wat Tyler Park

Year 1 went to the Royal Mews as part of our history topic. We talked about the life of the Royal family. We were shown some of the Royal carriages and horses that help to pull them. We also dressed up in Royal clothing. 

Royal Mews

Year 1 went to London Zoo to learn about The Nativity Story and to look at the animals as part of our Science topic. The Wise Men told us about the Camels, the Shepherds told us about the sheep and then we went into the stable to see Mary and baby Jesus. We also saw Father Christmas who told us about the climate in different countries. 
Year 1 have been learning about Christingle. We made our own Christingles. 
In the Spring term, Year one are learning to recognise and name a variety of materials in Science and talking about old and new toys in History. In our first Science lesson, we named some materials and sorted toys with the same materials. 
This week we have been thinking about the special people that help at Mass and the roles that they have. We worked in groups to think of questions we would like to ask the Altar Servers, who help at Mass on Sunday. We asked our questions to some children from Year 6 and we were very interested to hear about their role in Mass. We were told about the chalice and how to be an Altar Server. We were told about how they help Father Brian during the Eucharist.