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Week 1



The children started to learn about subtraction week commencing 16-03-20.  If you attended the briefing on Friday afternoon in RF, you will have heard that the children need lots of practical experience on this subject to secure their learning.  I will be adding practical ideas and worksheets as the week progresses.


Start all subtraction sessions with this clip:  

Song: (Helps the children to count backwards)



Then use one of these each day:

Song: (counting backwards 10 green bottles-helps the children see taking away).


Story: (Book about subtraction)


Song:  (Pirate subtraction) 


Video: (Sesame street)


Song:  (mouse subtraction)


Please see attached document.


You might want to print off the attached subtraction cards, so the children can use their toys/sweets to solve the number problems.  If you do not have a printer, you could write out different number problems for the children to attempt.  


Please label the work week 1 subtraction and add it to either a new folder, or your child's homework folder.  


Thank you

Mrs Foley