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As part of our topic, we are not only going to look at animals, but also plants! That's right, some plants can be predators too! For Science today, I would first of all like you to watch the 2 video clips below

Carnivorous Plants | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Hey Kids, Didn't you always think that plants often end up as food? Well, there are plants that eat too! Yes! Such plants are popularly known as Carnivorous ...

4 DEADLY Carnivorous Plants

Here are four ingenious ways carnivorous plants catch their prey. Head over to BrainCraft to watch Plants Can Learn, Too-and don't forget to subscribe! https...

Then I have prepared some more information about these crazy plants,read through it and you will see that the task at the end is to design your own carnivorous plant. You can use the template we have given you or you can do it on paper or computer/tablet as long as it has all the same information as the template. There are also some photos attached so you can get some more ideas (YOU DON'T NEED TO PRINT THESE).


We can't wait to see your creations! (As long as you don't design one that eats teachers!)