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In Science we are looking at the diet of animals including humans. Your first task is to keep a diary for the day of everything you eat and drink. I have included a sheet to remind you of the food groups and what foods belong to which group.  Your second task is to keep a diary also for your pet. You may need to speak to your parents and look at the back of pet food tins or packets to find out exactly what your pet has had to eat. Don't forget any treats you give them too. If you have more than one pet, then choose one to write about.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PET: You can choose to write about what you would give a pet to eat to keep it healthy. I have included a sheet that tells you what a healthy guinea pig, cat and rabbit should eat. You do not have to choose one of these animals, you could do some research for yourself on the internet and find out what your chosen pet should eat. Please feel free to include a photo of your pet with your work!