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While school is closed, your child/children must create a project based on our new topic ‘Africa’.

We have provided a list of suggested tasks, associated with Africa, below to help create their project. They are expected to complete one of these tasks, or a task they have come up with, a week.

  1. Research an African country of your choice and create a travel brochure aimed at persuading holidaymakers to visit your destination. You might want to consider climate, landscape, weather and activities in your chosen country.
  2. Construct an African drum using recycled materials of your choice or design African prints and colour them in the medium of your choice (e.g. paint).
  3. Research an African animal and create a PowerPoint, mini documentary or poster about that animal.
  4. Research an African game or sport. Create a ‘rule book’ for the game.
  5. Research and write about a famous African sportsman or sportswoman. This can include famous African teams e.g. cricket and football.
  6. Create a picture of an African landscape in the medium of your choice.
  7. Cook an African meal and create a document about how you made it including the ingredients your used.
  8. Learn the countries of Africa song.


Your child/ children must also complete the work set in the weekly folders below.


Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

PE- Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks will be doing a 30 minute work out, between 9am and 9:30am, aimed at children. We recommend you do this at least 3 days a week to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you miss the morning workout, do not worry. The work outs are saved on his YouTube page, so you can do the work out later instead.