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Your child/ children must also complete the work set in the weekly folders below.


HISTORY - Our topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians .


In addition to the work set each week, your child needs to complete some research on life in modern day  Egypt.  They could choose from lots of different areas to include in their project such as climate, landscape and location, rivers,  cities and famous places, fashion, famous people, eg Cleopatra, history, food, wildlife, sport, music, culture and people who live in Egypt or who visit there on holiday. 


They can present the work as a PowerPoint, a poster, a travel brochure to persuade people to go there or as a non-chronological report. 


Some helpful website details are below for modern and Ancient Egypt life.

Your child could also look for  videos and films for children Ancient Egypt or books such as the Horrible Histories.  They can also look at Bible stories from the Old Testament that are set in Egypt too such as the story of Joseph and Moses.


SCIENCE - We are learning a new topic Humans and Animals where we will be learning about the digestive system.  If you wish to create a homemade example of a digestive system, attached is a home learning task you can complete with a family member. This activity is great fun to do but I recommend you do this with an adult supervision and complete it in an outside area, just in case it gets a bit messy if something goes wrong or if the bag is not sealed properly!


Teacher's Tip:     Where is says 'use castenets', you will probably not have these at home so  improvise and use something else you might have in your kitchen cupboards to squash the bread. You could use plastic cups or plates or small plastic chopping boards. You could also just use your hands to squash the bread chunks to imitate teeth grinding and chewing. 


If you do not have bread, you could use other foods such rye crackers, banana and digestive biscuits crackers,  or some cooled, cooked vegetables like potatoes or broccoli, as long as they are not too soft to start with as you need some firmness as you squash the vegetables to imitate the teeth chewing.  You could even repeat the task swapping food items and see what impact different textures or  coloured foods have on the mix in the bag.   

Instructions for completing a home made digestive system