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Week 14 - Final Week

As this is the last week of term, please send any work to your class teacher on Friday 17th July.  We are including some games you can play which will help learning but do not need to be sent in.  Well done for all your hard work over the last 14 weeks! You rose to the challenge of home learning brilliantly and we are very impressed with you. Have a lovely summer!


Task 1 - complete the revision map for animals and humans (pages 1 and 2 on the document) to test your knowledge.   (Pages 3 and 4 are the answers if you get stuck!)


Task 2 - Games - Play 'Escape the Dentist Chair'. 


Follow the instructions on the document below and and look at slides 2/3 of the PowerPoint, then follow the clue cards and find the answers to identify the secret code and avoid the dentist chair!


You can either just work through the cards off the website to find the secret code, or play as a game with other family members indoors/outdoors by hiding the clue cards as part of the game.


Task 1 - Look at the PowerPoint on Eygptian writing (hieroglyphics) and using the alphabet mat, have a go at creating a hieroglyphic message to your teacher or a family member.


Task 2 - try the hieroglyphic word puzzle to identify the Egyptian gods 


Games - there is a Egyptian word search activity and an Egyptian game you can play.




Task 1 - complete the document to show some of the positives that have come from the lockdown period


Task 2 - complete the document to show your favourite activities and memories in Year 4.