To report a positive Covid Test Result for your child/ren to the school:

During the week please email

During the weekend or school holidays please email

You email will need to include information about the positive case you are reporting. You can download the form from here

Thank you.

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Week 5

Geography and RE Link Work- introduction to maps and improving your map skills


When you complete your RE work this week and look at a map of where Paul travelled to spread the Good News, you are also using essential map skills which is part of Geography learning and a valuable life skill if you ever find yourself lost and do not have a phone or satnav!       Have  a look at this useful online video lesson that gives a basic introduction on how to use a map and a compass.


You can also find the link by searching BBC Bitesize Daily Videos, Year 4, 21 April Lesson, introduction to maps

Week 5 PSHE - Keeping Positive. Look at the PowerPoint lesson presentation, then complete the activity. If you do not have a jam jar at home, you can use another container or box. You could try making a container out of any recycled materials you have at home.