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Week 10

This work should be sent to your class teacher for Wednesday 24th June.

RE Learning Focus 6 - Building Bridges of Friendship in the Christian Community. Look at the presentation and complete the task to write a postcard to someone to build a bridge of friendship.

End of Reconciliation Topic Response. Look at the presentation and complete the task to draw a bridge of friendship between you and another person. See if you can complete the Geography challenge to identify the real life bridges in the images and where they are located in the world.

Science : Look at the presentation about human and animal teeth types and functions, then complete the */**/*** activity sheets below to identify the types and functions of teeth and to compare animal teeth.   When you have finished, complete the research into the teeth of an animal of your choice.
History - The famous and wonderful discovery by Howard Carter.

Look at the PowerPoint below and the typed diary entry by Howard Carter. Highlight the evidence on the diary copy to answer the questions on slide 3 about what he has discovered. Complete the task on slide 6 of the PowerPoint.