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Week 9

This work is to be completed and sent to your class teacher

for Wednesday 17th June.   

SCIENCE - Understanding the functions of the digestive system


Following on from last week, where you learned about the names of the different parts of the digestive system, this week we are learning about the functions of the different parts of the digestive system. 


Please look at the lesson presentation first, which helps explain the functions.   It also recaps on the names that you learned in last week's work.  There is also a short quiz at the end of the PowerPoint which you will need a family member to test you on the questions, as the quiz is not interactive on a PDF document. 


Complete the activity sheets labelled Challenge 1, 2 or 3 to identify the parts of  and the functions of the digestive system and add them to the diagram of the body.   


There is also a fun wordsearch activity to complete at the end to test your understanding

RE (1)  - Learning Focus 4  - Look at the lesson presentation about Rites 1 and 2 of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and complete the task.

RE (2) Learning Focus 5 - Absolution Look at the lesson presentation and complete the task

Ancient Egyptians    

Last week, we had a look to identify what you already know about Ancient Egypt and some of you may have already done some research on the Ancient Egyptians.  Before we move onto learning about Tutankhamum next week (which we will be looking at in detail for the rest of this half term), have a look at the 2 attached lesson presentations to find out more about general life in Ancient Egypt.


Lesson Presentation 1 - Who were the Ancient Egyptians? Look at the attached video and the presentation to get an idea of life in Ancient Egypt. You might like to discuss with a family member about the artefact shown.

Lesson Presentation 2 - What was life like in Ancient Egypt? Look at the presentation to find out more clues about life in Ancient Egypt. Discuss with a family member what you can see in the pictures of life in Ancient Egypt in the presentation. Complete the task to put the dates of events in order on a timeline. The answers are on the last slide of the PowerPoint if you get stuck.

Ongoing General Project on Modern Day Egypt  


Continue on your ongoing project about life in Modern Day Egypt and choose another area to research this week.  Attached is a fact file on the River Nile, which you might find of interest to research as it has been in the news this week over pollution and recycling.  You can also look at the website links on the main Topic page too.