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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 smiley


This year, your teachers and TA's are:

1D - Miss Dashfield and Mrs Hubbard

1S- Miss Sinclair and Mrs Watras (Tuesday - Friday), Mrs Lockowska (Mondays)

1J - Miss Jones and Mrs Cantwell (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Oliver (Thursday and Friday)


Year 1 is an important year.  Your child will be following the new national curriculum. They will be following the  whole school behaviour chart, where your child has an increased responsibility for their behaviour.  At the end of each lesson your child will be expected to assess their learning using the self assessment charts.  Your child will have a mixture of continuous provision (learning activities that the children choose which links to prior learning and out topic) and formal learning during the autumn term.  From November 2016, all lessons will be taught as a whole class.  There will be a continued focus on phonics as in June 2017, your child will take part in the phonics screen.  Your child will flourish and become so much more independent.