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Week 5

Week 5 Time (Please label any worksheets week 5 and add to your folder).


This week’s maths activities will be mostly practical (As most things are in Reception). 


I have attached a clock template which you could print off to use whilst playing games, or highlighting the time of the day. 


Song/video: Times of the day

Day 1:  Video about the order of the day includes hours of the day and times of day-morning/afternoon/evening:


Day 2: Song about hours of the day:

Online clock to demonstrate different hours of the day.  Only focus on o’clock, the children do not yet need to know quarter past and half past.  (If you press reset, you can change the time hourly). 


Activity Day 2: Play what’s the time Mr Wolf (How to play):  (I always use a clock to play this game, just to re-enforce what we have been learning. 


Day 3 & 4:  Game (Children listen to the hour and set the minute hand for that hour

Day 4: Game to identify hour hand and minute hand


Day 5: Song (Days of the week)


Additional ideas:

Story (to introduce clock hands):

Story about times of the day ( A nice one to turn off the volume, pause and ask your child to read the story and look at the pictures):