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Welcome to Early Years!


Our teachers are Mrs Brind, Mrs Foley and Mrs Charidza. We are supported by Mrs Hort, Mrs Wood and Mrs Sturgess.


We enjoy learning through practical play and exploration. Check out the links below to see what we have been learning about recently.


Dates to remember:

  • 27th September: Garden clearning day. Cancelled due to poor weather predicted
  • 04th October (the start of our Friday book sharing) Each class teacher will hold a workshop to get you started ,on Friday 04th October. 


What will we be learning this week?


Week beginning 14th October 2019


  • We will be learning the sounds 'i', 'n', 'g' and 'o'. You could help your child by practising the sounds with them. Please give them plenty of opportunities to say and write the sounds correctly. This will support your child in the beginning stages of recognising and reading the first sound in words.
  • We will be practising writing our names. You could help your child by giving them opportunities to recognise and write their name at home. 
  • We will picking a number card up to 10 and counting that amount of objects. You could help your child by encouraging them to count objects around the home and match the correct amount of objects to a number up to 10. This will support your child to be able to use number names accurately in their play and to know that numbers identify how many objects are in a set. 
  • We will be discussing our new RE topic 'Welcome'. We will be talking about what it feels like to be welcomed into a new situation and the children will have opportunities to discuss there own experiences.
  • We will be talking about our home. You could help your child by discussing what your home looks like and who lives there. This will support your child in being able to answer questions about things that are familiar to them.
  • We will continue to develop our friendships both in the classroom and in the outside area.


Thank you for your continued support. 


EYFS team