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Welcome to Early Years!


Our teachers are Mrs Brind, Mrs Foley and Mrs Charidza. We are supported by Mrs Hort, Mrs Wood and Mrs Sturgess.


We enjoy learning through practical play and exploration. Check out the links below to see what we have been learning about recently.



As discussed at our workshop, please cut and paste this link:  blending.  This is a clip for children who are still struggling to say the sounds:

What will we be learning this week?


Week beginning 9th December 2019


  • We will be revising the sounds that have already been taught. You could help your child by practising the sounds with them. Please give them plenty of opportunities to say and write the sounds correctly. This will support your child in the beginning stages of recognising and reading the first sound in words. Please also go through sounds that your child has learn using the sounds in their tubs. 
  • We will be practising blending and segmenting sounds in order to read and spell words effectively. Please continue to support your child with this at home. 
  • We will be learning the story of Jesus' birth and retelling it. You could help your child by sharing the story with them. They could practise sounding out and recognising the initial and final sounds in the words: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Angel, king and shepherds
  • We will be learning to recognise one more and one less than a given number. You could help your child by talking about the number before and after a given number. Advent calendars are a good way for the children to look at what one more will be. 
  • We will be continuing our new RE topic 'Birthdays'. We will talking about activities that help to celebrate a birthday and objects that they associate with birthdays. We will discuss the birth of Jesus. Please provide your child with photos of when they have celebrated a birthday and talk to them about the photo.
  • We will be using musical instruments to accompany some songs and learning our Nativity songs. 
  • We will be discussing how to be kind to each other and making sure that we make the right choices.
  • We will continue to develop our friendships both in the classroom and in the outside area.


Thank you for your continued support. 


EYFS team

We have been learning about Goldilocks and the three bears. Also, Capacity, ordering sizes and about baptism

We are learning about dinosaurs and have made a volcano!