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At St Thomas’, we aim to develop the children’s Knowledge and Skills in line with a Knowledge and Skills based curriculum.

We inspire Creativity through thought-provoking concepts and variation which encourages our pupils to think creatively.

We encourage Discovery through posing problems that we solve with our peers to gain greater understanding and independently to consolidate our understanding.

We foster a Curiosity by encouraging our children to think differently and from different perspectives.

We develop Independence by empowering and encouraging them to apply their mathematical understanding to a range of problems while working systematically to achieve their desired outcomes. 

As a result, the children Respect and Value mathematics and become Life-long learners.




At St Thomas’, our maths provision is underpinned by our sequenced and progressive curriculum building on previous knowledge. 

  • CPA approach – Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract. A research supported approach which allows children to make greater sense of mathematical concepts which by nature are abstract for children. 
  • Depth and breadth over acceleration – To avoid superficial learning, teachers carefully sequence lessons so that children have the knowledge and skills embedded before being moved on. 

Other ways in which we ensure a high quality maths provision at St Thomas’ include:

  • All classes from Reception to Year 6 follow the White Rose scheme of work, which is fully aligned with the UK National Curriculum. 
  • All lessons are scaffolded and structured to engage all learners through differentiation. 
  • Continuous professional development – We constantly look to develop our practice by regularly attending relevant courses and engaging with other Maths Leads in our Trust.



Our pupils have great passion and curiosity for mathematics and can apply their understanding to a wide range of contexts. Our dynamic and progressive curriculum cultivates genuine enthusiasm, confidence and curiosity in the subject which leads to deep level thinking and understanding. Pupils are confident and believe in their mathematical potential. This is reflected in our end of Key Stage attainment which consistently ranks above national averages. We provide a secure foundation for pupils to meet the challenges of secondary education and beyond.