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Week 7

Week 7: Re-cap Space, shape and measure.


Please see the information for this weeks work on the separate document below.  I have given you some worksheets to support the checklist, but please remember they are allowed to use counters, sweets, money to help them.  You can come up with your own ideas to assess understanding.  Quick fire questions are good: What's 1 more than 4?  What is heavier a mouse or an elephant?  What's 2 less than 6?  


For money, I hide a coin behind my back and describe its characteristics: It's silver, and big and it has a curved edge....can they guess?  Have some real coins out for them to explore and re-cap the values together.  


Get them to use a container and demonstrate: full, half full, empty, nearly empty, almost full.  


Get some of their favourite toys and ask them to put them in certain positions: Put the transformer next to/ in front of the chair.  


Go on a shape hunt, can they spot any sphere's, cube's, cuboids.  Can they describe them to you?  How many edges and vertices do they have (a cereal box, ball, tissue box, can of beans, ice-cream cone)?


We have covered all of the Maths areas, including space, shape and measure.  Now, we will work on filling any gaps in knowledge.


Have fun and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon. 





Checklist and weekly guide for Space, shape and measure