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Year 4



The teachers in Year Four are Miss Barnett (4B), Miss Nixon (4C) and Miss Underwood (4U).

The teaching assistant is Mrs Heudebourck.


The email addresses to send your homework to are:


In Year Four we know that reading is important to support your child's imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. Therefore please continue to read for at least 10 minutes each evening for 5 evenings each week. It is so  important that children enjoy reading so please read from a variety of different genres, online app 'Borrow Box' could be used through your library account to borrow up to 5 books at a time. You could also listen to stories on the app 'Audible' or watch stories being read on youtube (David Walliams is currently doing a daily story) Please ensure you listen to your child read or sometimes read with them, ask them questions. 


Whilst school is closed, you are still expected to complete tasks at home. Work will be put up for the whole week with tasks for you to complete. You must type your answers for Reading, Writing, Maths and Topic (where possible) onto one document which must be sent to your teacher in one email at the end of the week. Please do not email work back daily.

We recommend you give your word document 4 subheadings (Reading, Writing, Maths and Topic). Underneath each subheading, write the date on which you have completed each piece of work and then type the answers to the work underneath that each day. Remember to self-assess next to your date and record your challenge as you would at school.


Joe Bloggs-  Week 1


Monday 26/3/20 Ch.2    Self assess:3

  1. Blue

  2. Because he snarled and snarling is something you might do when you’re angry.

  3. Etc…


Monday 26/3/20 Ch.2    Self assess: 3

  1. Sally, with a big smile on her face, bounded down the stairs to greet the postman.

  2. The young boy, who had always wondered why they were so slow, picked up a snail to inspect it.

Tuesday 27/3/20 Ch.2    Self assess:2

  1. Quickly, the rain started to pour.


Monday 26/3/20 Ch. 1    Self assess: 2

  1. True

  2. False

  3. 36.5

  4. 560p

Tuesday 27/3/20 Ch.1    Self assess: 2

  1. £26.20

  2. 60p

  3. Yes because when you add the two amounts there is no 5 at the end.


Save the word document, that contains the whole week’s work, as your name followed by the week (e.g. John Week 1). Once you have completed the work for the week, you must convert it to a PDF, as shown in class, and then send it to your teacher’s email. You will receive a reply from your teacher to let you know that they have received it and it will then be checked. Teachers will be keeping a record of how their class have done but you will not necessarily get feedback on each piece of work unless we feel it is necessary.

Thank you and good luck!

The Year Four Team

This week in Year 4 we have been getting used to being back at school! In Science, we have been continuing to investigate sound, this week looking at Pitch and designing our own investigations for this. 

This week we have been continuing our work on Varjak Paw. Here, we created a sequence of moments based on the '7 Ways of Jalal'. 

This week we have been doing worked based on our Anglo-Saxon workshop. We had a really fun day and learnt lots of things that we did not know before. Please enjoys some photos of our day. 

What a busy final week of our first half term in Year 4! As well as parents evening, we have been doing drama in RE, testing in Science, presenting our Powerpoint presentations to complete our topic on the UK, and shared our wonderful creative homework projects with eachother. Please enjoy some photos below.  

This week we have been exploring the different poetic devices that poets use such as alliteration, personification and similes. We read some well-known poems and worked on our performances of them. Here are some photos of us in rehearsal! Stay tuned for some videos...

4B Class Liturgy on Black History Month

Here we are reenacting a story about Rosa Parks
This week, we had a visit from DHL,  teaching us all about how to be safe around trucks and other big lorries that we see increasingly around Thurrock. Did you know that a lorry is around the same height as a baby giraffe and the length of a humpback whale? 

Topic- The UK

Our Topic this term is 'The UK.' This week we have been focusing on London. We discussed what a landmark is and found out about many of the famous landmarks. In the photos we are matching a photo, to the name of the landmark, to its description. We then went away and did further research on particular landmarks such as The London Eye and Big Ben. Some of us had been to some of the most famous landmarks before- which ones have you visited?

Drama in English

In English, we used drama to create some of the settings from our Class text, 'I was a Rat!'. Look at our facial expressions- we're trying to get some of the smells in our setting across to our audience! Can you guess which of the pictures show the school, the hospital, the police station, the orphanage and the City Hall?