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Week 8

Week 8

As we welcome back some of the children back into Reception, we will be having an assessment week to allow us to plan activities that the children are not yet secure on.

Please use the assessment/check list that you completed during week 7 and work on those areas which the children need to practice for Number and Space, shape and measure.  

You can use the online games, worksheets and activities that have been loaded over the past 7 weeks.  


I will attempt to get an email address, for you to feedback any worksheets/activities that you would like to see more of.  I realise that you may not have had time to complete all the items which I have loaded to date, as many Number activities need your 1:2:1 attention to complete.  


I have added a few more worksheets if your child is doing well at the activities on last weeks checklist (advanced work).  But please just focus on what areas your child needs to practice, there should be a worksheet for every area over the past 8 weeks.  Money and describing shapes (Sides, faces, vertices) often needs lots of repetition.  


Please ensure that your child is practising writing numbers to 20 at least, using correct formation.  Ask them to write a number and then draw the same amount of apples.  

Ask them to choose two amounts of toys/sweets.  Get them to write the sum 2+4= and write the answer.