To report a positive Covid Test Result for your child/ren to the school:

During the week please email

During the weekend or school holidays please email

You email will need to include information about the positive case you are reporting. You can download the form from here

Thank you.

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This week you have 2 videos to watch about food chains and the rainforest.  Your activity is to use the pictures provided to make 6 different food chains.  You will need to us the pictures more than once and then record each food chain on the chart.  There are 2 examples to help you out.

What Is A Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Learn everything about a food chain in detail with Dr. Binocs. Hey kids, learn interesting facts and details of food chain with Dr. Binocs. Come what may und...

Explore the Rainforest! | Ecology for Kids

It's raining where Jessi and Squeaks live, so they decided to bust out some books and read up on a special kind of forest where it rains almost every day! --...