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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 (Please look at the powerpoint and video)

Welcome from your year 1 teachers:

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In school we usually have an Assembly every Wednesday. As we are not altogether, Mr Birtles has prepared a Power Point for you to see in the Assemblies folder. Please click on the link and download the video to your computer, as this is the best way for you to view it.

Dear Year 1 children and families

All learning for this, the final week of term can be found under Week 14 in the folders.  We have a little message for you...


The school year was cut short

And we didn't get a chance to say,

Thank you for being such fabulous students

We wish we'd had more time to learn and play!


You and your families have done a brilliant job

Staying home for so long.

It's not easy but you have been so brave

You have kept people safe and strong.


We'll make a special visit

To your new class when we return,

We will all be together again

To play, share and learn.


Enjoy the summer with your family

And next year we will start anew,

For now just know that we miss you all

And we are so proud of you!


Mrs Davies, Mrs Obende and Mrs Smith


Under the Sea Art

To support your children's speech, language and communication needs, Speech Links, a resource we subscribe to, have fast tracked the launch of their new Parent Portal to help with school closures. The site will be live from Friday 20th March and will provide parents with FREE speech and language advice, resources and activities. Please click here to access it.

Ways to support your child with Phonics during school closure

Don't forget you can take part in RWI Phonics lessons at home:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am Word Time 9.45 am Spelling 10.00 am
Set 2 Speed Sounds and Word Time at 10.00 am Spelling 10.15 am
Set 3 Speed Sounds and Word Time at 10.30 am Spelling 10.45 am


Storytime with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri) 2.00 pm


Link below

In Year 1 we will usually set homework every Friday, (linked to our learning), and expect it to be handed in by the following Wednesday. 


We want the children to develop a love of reading as it supports your child's imagination, creativity and learning across the whole curriculum. Therefore, reading for up 10 minutes each evening, for up to 5 evenings per week, will be expected as part of your child's weekly homework.


Children in Year 1 will bring home two books - one for enjoyment which is intended to be shared with their family (changed on a Friday) and a book which will allow them to practise their phonics skills. Please ensure you listen to your child read, as well as reading to them, ask them questions about the book and sign their Reading Record.


There is a continued daily focus on phonics. In June 2020 your child will take part in the Government Phonics Screening Check.


Thank you for your support


The Year One Team

Year 1 Attitudes and Dispositions

Year 1 Spelling List
the come are your go push
a some were they so pull
do one was be by full 
to once is he my house
today ask his me here our
of  friend has she there  
said school I we where  
says put you no love  


World Book Day 2020

Gym lesson using the big apparatus

1S Liturgy on Special People February 2020

Visit from an Altar Server

In our RE lessons we have been learning about Special People at home, in school and at church. A past pupil came to visit us and tell us about his role as an Altar Server at St Thomas'. He explained his training, how he helps Father Brian and Father Paul, his duties and what he wears. We were very interested in learning about being an Altar Server.

Visit from an Altar Server 31.1.2020

Reading Workshop 12th December 2019

We were pleased to welcome over 40 parents and grandparents to our Reading Workshop across the Year 1. Parents watched a short presentation explaining the expectations of the National Curriculum, Reading we do on a daily basis at St Thomas' and what they can do at home to support their child. We read a short book followed by parents having the opportunity to work with their children to complete activities around the story. The children were delighted to work with their parents to find out facts about reindeer, play board games, complete a quiz and sequence events in the story. Thank you for your support and your positive feedback.

Reading Workshop December 2019

Essex Wildlife Trust visit on the 8.11.19

1S Liturgy on Families

Science Sense Detectives Investigation

1S PE lesson