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Year 6



The teachers in Year Six are:

Miss Crofton (6C), Miss McAnally (6M) and Miss Barry (6B).


We will be supported by: Mrs Sharp



Coronavirus- Advice for children


PE - Every Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, will be doing a 30 minute work out aimed at children. We recommend you try this at least 3 days a week to keep yourself fit and healthy. These work outs are between 9am and 9:30am, however, they are saved on his YouTube page, so you could do them whenever suits you best. 


Home work - due to be submitted by email Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Using your plan and notes about evacuation, write a letter to persuade a parent to evacuate a child (or not to evacuate a child). Use the persuasive writing PDF to remind yourself of the features of persuasive writing. You should set out your writing in paragraphs, containing clear points and reasons to support your argument. 


You should also complete the statistics section in Method Maths - anything that begins with an s. Email your maths teacher on Wednesday to tell her which sections you have completed.



In Year Six we will usually set homework every Monday and expect it handed in by Friday. We know that reading is important to support your child's imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. Therefore, reading for up to 15 minutes each evening for up to 5 evenings per week will be expected as part of your child's weekly homework. Children can choose a school reading book, a library book, or a book from home. Please ensure  that your child reads independently and records their opinions about the book. It is also important that children get the opportunity to discuss their reading with an adult regularly, this will aid their reading comprehension skills. Of course it will still benefit Year Six children to read aloud to an adult at home. 

Many thanks,

The Year Six Team.

Secondary School, SATs, Grosvenor Hall meeting - 18.9.19

6M Liturgy British Values- Tolerance

6M Science/Art We have been thinking about how animals adapt to survive in their environment.

Women in WWI- We explored the role of women in WWI and dramatised our interviews to show what we had learnt.

Investigating Electrical Conductors

This afternoon we planned and investigated conductors. We predicted which ones would allow electricity to flow and then tested the materials. There were a few surprises! 

6M Liturgy- Preparation and waiting ADVENT

Readers' Theatre 6B

Reading Theatre 6C

Today we learnt lots more about World War I by taking part in a special day. Our day included dressing up as people living during World War I, which we researched for homework. During the day we took part in a workshop where we were shown a gun just like the soldiers would have carried- it was really heavy!  We learnt how soldiers had to have a medical before being accepted into the army and re-enacted being in the trenches. Soldiers had a very strict regime and we practised marching in formation.

In class, we made plasticine models of tanks, planes and soldiers and we also created 'silhouette' artwork using paint and silhouettes of battle scenes. 

We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about WWI, dressing up and experiencing a little bit of WWI. 

6C's Liturgy - October is the month of the Rosary

6C performed their Liturgy today. It was based on Mary and the Rosary. We led Key Stage Two in saying one decade of the Rosary. 

6M Science - Shadows. We explored how the earth rotates and shadows change as the sun appears to be higher in the sky.