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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 

We hope you had a lovely Summer

The year one teachers are:

Mrs Foley 1F, Miss Gander 1G and Mrs Davies

The teaching assistants are: Mrs Watras/Miss Holland, Mrs Lochowska/Mrs Cantwell and Mrs Hadley


You are able to contact your teachers via see-saw and on their school email addresses: and

If you have already spoken to your class teacher and would like to speak to the head of year, please


     PE will be held on:

     1F-Wednesday and Thursday

     1G-Tuesday and Friday 

     1D-Wednesday and Thursday


You can keep informed with current weekly learning both via this class page-clicking on the subject symbol/folders below and by accessing see-saw on a regular basis.  



Weekly learning in Year 1                  Week commencing 23 . 1  2023


English:  We are continuing with the story Traction Man. The children will be introduced to the setting of the story and the character description of Traction Man.


Maths: In Maths we are continuing with our topic on Place Value. We will be comparing numbers to 20, e.g greater than and less than. The children will be ordering numbers to 20. To conclude this topic the children will complete a unit assessment on Place Value. 


Science:  In Science we will be continuing our topic on materials. We will be introducing materials that are waterproof and not waterproof. This will be cross curricula with DT.


RE:  We are continuing with our topic on Special people in the Church and discussing their duties. We will recap the stories of Anna and Simeon and when Jesus got lost in the Temple. The children will be thinking about the end of Mass when the Priest gives a blessing and the congregation gives thanks to God. We will discuss how after Mass the congregation may meet together. 



History:  We will be looking closely at old and new toys, using pictures and objects.


Computing: We are continuing the topic on Algorithms, discussing what inputs and outputs are on devices. They will also be introduced to virtual assistants e.g. Alexa and Siri.


DT: In Design and Technology we will be cross curricula with English and Science. The children will be asked to think about boats, their shape and size. The children will be starting the construction of their boat,. We are aiming to make a boat for Traction Man.


Have a great week!


Maths Curriculum 22-23