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Year 6



The teachers in Year Six are:

Miss Crofton (6C), Miss Barnett (6B) and Miss Barry (6SB).


The support staff are:

Mrs Sharp, Mrs Hudson, Mrs Whitwood, 

Mrs Roskilly, Mrs Perry, Mrs Wiseman and Mrs Ross


 In Year Six we will usually set homework every Monday and expect it handed in by Friday. We know that reading is important to support your child's imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. Therefore, reading for up to 15 minutes each evening for up to 5 evenings per week will be expected as part of your child's weekly homework. Children can choose a school reading book, a library book, or a book from home. Please ensure  that your child reads independently and records their opinions about the book. It is also important that children get the opportunity to discuss their reading with an adult regularly, this will aid their reading comprehension skills. Of course it will still benefit Year Six children to read aloud to an adult at home. 

Many thanks,

The Year Six Team.

We're all having a great time, our favourite activities so far are: 3G Swing, Jacob's ladder, Nightline and High Equilibrium. The food is great, particularly the breakfast. We hope for more sleep tonight as we were too excited to sleep on Monday night. 

Here are some more photos. We were particularly proud of our homely shelters, it was very tempting to try them out over night! Leap of Faith was very challenging - we're looking forward to archery today. See you soon. 

Transition Week

While some of Year 6 have been away visiting their new Secondary Schools, the rest of Year 6 have had a fun and exciting week learning about the plays of William Shakespeare. We have been doing activities based on The Tempest, Twelfth Night and Macbeth. We particularly enjoyed putting Lady Macbeth on trial for murder! There are definitely some future lawyers among us! We finished off the week making our own puppet theatres and writing our own scripts to perform.

Year 6 Leavers' Mass 28.6.19

Year Six had a lovely Mass this morning. We celebrated our time at St Thomas' and looked forward to our time at Secondary School. 

Our week in school - 1.7.19

Many of us will be at our Secondary Schools this week. Those that are staying in school will have a Shakespeare week. We will do various activities and study lots of stories. We will be preparing to share our learning with those who miss out. 



In Science we have been learning about the human body, focusing particularly on the circulatory system. We made models of the heart to help us remember the names of the different parts.
6C Liturgy 14.6.19
6C performed their final Liturgy at St Thomas' today. The theme was 'healing'. Miss Crofton divided the class into groups and we researched and planned our own parts of the Liturgy. We enjoyed finding out about Lourdes and recognised how hard it is for people who are involved in hospices. Everybody performed very well and encouraged the rest of KS2 to think about how lucky they are. 
As part of STEAM day, Year 6 investigated water filters. Our challenge was to create the cheapest and most efficient filter. We had to choose our materials and work together to decide how to tackle the challenge. We had three chances to change our designs and by the end we learnt a lot about which materials worked best. 

WWI day - 21.5.19

We had a visitor who helped us understand lots more about life in WWI. We also created some artefacts from a variety of materials - even using the saws and glue guns! 

"We enjoyed working together with others to make a plane. We were so impressed with our results!"

"It was amazing, we were taught what it was like in the trenches!"

"We performed drama by being soldiers while the sergeant ordered us about!"

"Some of us were pretending to snipe and others were trying to crawl away to safety."


6SB Liturgy - St Patrick's Day


Today 6SB had their class liturgy, which was on St Patrick's Day.
The children did a fantastic job, and they enjoyed showing Year 5 and the rest of Year 6 what they had learnt about him. 

Thank you to the children of 6SB for all their hard work, thank you to the parents for the effort put in to help the children learn their lines and with the t-shirts, and thank you to the parents who were able to attend our liturgy; the children were excited to perform for you.

In year six we moved classes as we chose the book we would like to work with: Wonder, Journey or Zig Zag. We created our own Zig Zag books about our choice of book, pictures of our safe place inspired by Journey, or created a piece of artwork, based on the quote 'Why blend in when you were born to stand out?' from the book, Wonder. We enjoyed working out who everybody came dressed as! We have included some photos of some of their wonderful creations!

Science- Electricity

In Class 6B, we have been investigating electricity by 'getting to grips' with circuits. At first, we found it hard to troubleshoot and gave up when our circuits didn't work. But, by the end of the lesson, we were able to work collaboratively to work out the reason the electrons were not flowing around our circuit.
Maths Day 2019 in year 6. Lots of fun with data handling, shape and code breaking. We had to persevere to complete some activities as they were so challenging. This was very good for us as we need to learn that things take time to solve. We enjoyed completing all the different activities and working with different children. 

6C PSHE Exploring the impact natural disasters have on lives

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We have been studying evolution and adaptation as part of our Science work. We have learnt about how animals are adapted to the environments that they live in. Some animals have evolved over time to maintain their existence. Can you identify the parts of the animals that we've created?

We have also used plasticine to create a new species of animal that has adapted to its environment. 

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