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Roles & Responsibilities

At St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, we believe in giving the children roles and responsibilities to encourage independence. 


We learn, achieve and love following Jesus. 


Year 6 children are given the opportunity to become Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and are encouraged to work as an example of what the model child at St Thomas' should be. They are expected to set an example to all students in our school and assist the Headteacher where necessary. 



Head Boy                                                                                            


'As Head Boy, it is my job to be a role model to the other children. I show others how to do the right thing and help other pupils to live by our school values correctly. The morals of Christianity teach us to lead by example and show us how to be helpful around the school. I help to lead and promote worship within the school community and 'Do The Right Thing Because It Is The Right Thing To Do.' 


David, Year 6 Head Boy.

Head Girl                                                                                              


'As Head Girl, my job is to help other people to do the right thing. I am a role model to the other children in the school and show them how to behave appropriately. It is also my job to help during Collective Worships and Assemblies. I also assist Mrs Poulteney whenever she needs me.' 


Ezra, Year 6 Head Girl.