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Week 10

The children have been learning the story of Handa's surprise.  We would usually have a fun filled week this week, tasting and writing about the fruit.  We would also have a basket of fruit with different price tags on each item.  Each child would be given a purse of money and would be asked to use different denominations of coins to pay for the fruit.


You can replicate this at home.  You do not need to use fruit, you can you soft toys if you wish and basically play shops.  This requires lots and lots of repetition, so please ensure that the children are working with you for at least 30 minutes a day.  


I will attach some worksheets and some coins that can be cut out, just incase you do not have a large selection of any particular amount.  You could start on Monday by only giving your child 1p's to work with, then build up each day Tuesday-2p's, Wednesday-5p's etc.  Then on Friday, change the prices to 7p and see if they can work out which 2 coins can be put together to make 7p. (Money song)