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Year 5

~ Welcome to Year 5 ~ 


Your Teachers are Miss Barry (5B, Year Group Leader), Miss Hayes (5H) and Miss Underwood (5U). We are supported by Mrs Walsh (HLTA) and Mrs McGinley (TA).

Homework will be set every Monday and must be returned by Friday. This will consist of a Reading comprehension, a Maths activity and spellings to learn. 

Reading for at least 15 minutes each day, 5 times per week, will also be expected as part of your child's homework. It is important to support your child with daily reading as this has a huge impact on their understanding, imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. In Year 5, it is important to do a mixture of independent reading, reading with an adult and for your child to independently record their opinions about the book in their Reading Record. 

Thank you for your continued support.


The Year 5 Team

~ Our Weekly Learning Focus - 27.6.22 ~


This week in Year 5:



We will be linking English to our Geography topic this week, writing an explanation text on deforestation. 



We will start our topic, Measurement. We will be converting between metres and kilometres, grams and kilograms, litres and milliletres, metric units and imperial units. 


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We continue our topic of Stewardship. We will be appreciating how we can care for people. We will also be preparing work based on the Holy Spirit for the visit of Bishop Alan next week. 



We continue with our topic of Animals including Humans. Children will be exploring life expectancy and the issues behind it. 



We continue with our topic of South America. Children will be learning about the human geography of South America. This links nicely to the children's homework, which is to pick a South American country and prepare a presentation on it. 



Children will be exploring artwork by Beatriz Milhazes. They will be creating a collage using different shapes and different materials. 



We will be continuing our RSE topic this week. Children will be looking at the physical changes both boys and girls go through during puberty. 

5U Art- Linking to our Science topic 'Plants and Animals', we made plants and flowers out of scrap paper this week. We used scrap paper as we know it is important to look after our planet and not waste resources.

5U- In English, we created freeze frames of our favorite scenes (so far) from our class text 'Clockwork'.

RE- Before and after freeze frames that demonstrate giving and receiving the different ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.

Year 5- Drawing Inferences in Miss Underwood's Reading Class

5U's World Book Day Costumes

5U English- Conveying Nick and Jim's thoughts and feelings

5U- Microbits

5U- Finding the Uk's import and export links using an atlas

Representing decimals using Base 10

5B History - Understand the impact of the Irish Potato Famine

5B PSHE - Understanding The Law

This week, 5U investigated water resistance

Finding equivalent fractions using fraction walls

5B - Street Child Role Play

5B Scientists Presentations

5U Computing- Sonic Pi

5U Maths- Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

5U Go Green Day

For Go Green Day, we wore one item of green with our school uniform. We also brought in materials that we could reuse (e.g. plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, scrap paper) and made rocket ships with them. We have been learning about recycling, reusing and reducing in PSHE lessons, so it was excellent to put the reusing element of the 3Rs into practice today!

5U History

This week, in groups of 5, the children in 5U made posters about Henry the VIII's wives and presented their posters to the class. 

5B History

Children were investigating different sources about King Henry VIII. They had to decide whether the source was primary or secondary and whether the source was reliable or not.