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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


The Year Four teachers are Miss Barnett (4B), Miss Nixon (4N) and Miss East (4E).

You can contact us on our school email addresses:


The teaching assistant for Year 4 is Mrs Heudebourck. 


Spring 1: Week beginning 17/1/22


RE:  Topic: Community

This week in RE, we will be understanding how people serve within the parish community and how the parish and community can come and celebrate together.


English: Book: Varjak Paw by S. F. Said


Grammar: We will be continuing to use a range of conjunctions to construct complex and compound sentences.


Reading: We will be looking at Vocabulary and Word Meaning questions. 


Maths:  Division  

This week we will be looking at recapping on previous knowledge on division and looking at different ways to divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit, including division with remainders.  We will also be recapping on the 4 and 6 times tables and associated division facts.


Science:  Sound

This week we will be continuing to look at how we hear different types of sounds, including identifying some of the different sounds that are around our school environment.




Homework will normally be set every Monday on Google Classroom to be handed in on Friday. We will be focusing on Reading, Spelling and  12 x Times Tables practice.

In Year 4, we know how important Reading is to develop the children in all subjects. Therefore we expect the children to read for at least 10 minutes each day, 5 times per week as part of your their homework. The children can read a book from the Class Library, from Bug Club online or a book from home. In Year 4, it is important to do a mixture of independent reading and reading with an adult and for your child to independently record their opinions about the book in their Reading Record. 

Please find below our curriculum for Year 4

Please enjoy a selection of photos of the work we carry out in class over the course of this year:

Week beginning 10/1/22 In Science, we have been looking at how sound travels and we looked at different examples of musical instruments. We discussed how string, woodwind and percussion instruments make sounds and we looked at some of the different instruments we have in school and how the vibrations are made by the instruments to help us hear.    We also looked at how we hear and the different parts of the ear, and we were able to identify and label the different ear parts and to understand how they help us hear.   

Week beginning 4/1/22- This week in English, we started looking at our new class text, Varjak Paw by S F Said. We created freeze frames to show how alone Varjak feels within his family. We also wrote some speech to show what each character was thinking and saying about Varjak. In Science, we investigated how vibrations can make objects move using musical instruments.

Week beginning 13/12/21- For our topic, we have looked at British Entertainment. We have made Victorian puppet theatres to perform scenes from A Christmas Carol

Week beginning 6/12/21- In Science, we added switches to our circuits so that we could turn them on and off.

Week beginning 29/11/21- In Science, we made circuits with bulbs. When they were working, the bulb lit up.

Week beginning 15/11/21- This week in English we explored Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet through drama. We enjoyed tackling some Shakespearian language!

Week beginning 8/11/21- In English this week, we have been looking at the legend of Beowulf. Here are our dramatic depictions of the battle between Beowulf and the monster, Grendal.

Week beginning 1/11/21- For Geography this week, we carried out some field work to our local park, Grays Town Park, to see what improvements could be made to make it a better environment for all.

Week beginning 18/10/21- This week in PE, we finished our dances linking to our Science work on the Water Cycle. We took inspiration from the song "Little April Showers" from the Disney film, Bambi

Week beginning 11/10/21- In our English lessons this week, we turned our classrooms into Newspaper producers and came up with questions to interview some of the characters. Here we are interviewing Bob and Joan

Week beginning 4/10/21- This week, as part of our RE and PSHE focus on Laudato Si, we wore green for our 'Go Green Day' and carried out activities that included absolutely zero waste!

Week beginning: 27/9/21: This week we carried out a debate in our English lessons, deciding whether Roger should stay with Mr Tapscrew or go.

Week beginning 20/9/21: In Art this week, we experimented with using watercolours to paint a London skyline. It took us a while to learn to use enough water!

Week beginning 13/9/21: In Science this week, we have been exploring the properties of liquids. This is us carrying out a fair experiment to discover which liquid pours the slowest.

Week beginning 6/9/21: In RE this week, we have been looking at the stories of some of Jesus's ancestors. These are our depictions of Abraham and his family on their journey to Canaan