To report a positive Covid Test Result for your child/ren to the school:

During the week please email

During the weekend or school holidays please email

You email will need to include information about the positive case you are reporting. You can download the form from here

Thank you.

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This week we are looking at colour and drawing people in the style of Julian Opie.  Your first task is to think back to the beginning of year 3 when we looked at the colour wheel, we would like you to create a colour wheel from objects around your home, you can use anything you like.  I have uploaded an some examples to give you some ideas.  We look forward to seeing some photos.

Task 2, look at the PowerPoint on Julian Opie, have a look at the different drawing styles and complete the task on the last slide and draw your own person in his style of art.  If you can use felt tips that would be great but if you do not have any then coloured pencil will be good too.