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Art & Design Technology


At St Thomas’ we intend to provide children with a high-quality Art education which inspires and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and develop  their own works of art and design.

We aim to create a sense of celebration of creativity and expression. The Art curriculum enables children to grow their imagination and  demonstrate their own sense of identity being confident to share and explore their own ideas and creations.

Children are given a  range of opportunities to regularly engage in drawing, painting, print and sculpture. Through doing so, they explore artists of the past and present to take inspiration from and learn a variety of artistic forms, styles and techniques to aid their own pieces of work . Pupils will consider different variations of Art work and discuss their own understanding of Art and Design and how they portray different designs.




  • Our pupils immerse themselves in half termly Art sessions that build upon skills and techniques allowing children to apply to their own topic of work. 
  • Our pupils will benefit from the transferable skills taught throughout the years. The opportunities for children to develop these throughout the pupil’s school life is supported by lesson sequencing and revisiting to promote  progression between each year group.
  • The consistent use of the children’s sketchbooks means that children are able to review, modify and develop their initial ideas and previous work, to achieve high quality outcomes. Final pieces are celebrated by being displayed around the school, allowing children to take pride in their work.
  • Children are exposed to a variety of aids including design materials to bring their creations to life,  Art work by a range of Artists and performance opportunities to access all aspects..



Pupils are immersed in a broad and deep Art curriculum. Their knowledge, perceptions and understanding of Art and Design is open and  progressive allowing them to explore and offer different views. Children have great enthusiasm, passion and willingness to engage and participate in Art and Design lessons and activities.