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Week 10


Adventure Stories


For one of last week's reading tasks you read the opening of an adventure story (see below). This week we would like you to use your imagination to plan and write the ending. You have worked really hard on adding description over the last few weeks and we would like you to show us how much you have learnt. We cannot wait to read your stories!


He had been working on the drawing for hours, locked away in complete silence in his study, letting his imagination run wild. The only sound that could be heard was the soothing scratching of his pencil on the textured paper. When he had finished, George stood up and took a step back, proud of the work he had done. He was an extraordinary artist, more extraordinary than any other artist in the entire world! As George spoke the magic word, the ship’s sails started to flutter as if a strong breeze blew through the room. He loved this moment, seeing his creations come to life...