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Wildlife Garden Update - 27 May 2010

Two months in and the Wildlife Garden is beginning to take shape. Most of the hard work, cleaning, chopping down old trees/wood has been completed by our dedicated team of parent helpers.

Most year groups have visited the area and Reception and yr 4 have started to create habitat hotels. Yr 2 ICT Club came and took some wonderful pictures using the digital camera, to create a powerpoint presentation as part of their learning.

Next term Yr 5 are getting involved by designing and making some information/direction signs for the area.

Many people have donated plants, pots, bird feeders etc, but there is still a lot of work to be done before it can fullfill its potential as a working/learning environment. We have planted out and created an area to attract butterflies and bees, as well as seeding a wildflower meadow alongside the pond.

Please continue to support us in any way you can, whether it be volunteering to help maintain this area or donations. Ideal plants for the wildlife area include; lavender, buddleja, clematis, ornamental grass, hardy ferns, bulbs, hyssop, michaelmas daisy, nasturtium, hollyhocks, meadow craneshill, vebena, heathers, thyme, purple sage, and honeysuckle. Alternatively, the local garden centre/B&Q will be able to advise which plants are best suited to encourage wildlife.

Many thanks to everyone for all their help to date. If you have any other ideas or would like to donate something, please contact Kate Cassidy in Reception.

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