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Wildlife Garden Update - 16 March 2011

Spring is upon us in the wildlife area. Daffodils are appearing and the frogs have returned to the newly fitted pond. Our thanks to Mr Casson for donating and fitting the pond.
The trees have all been topped, allowing more light to reach the garden. This week, with the help of parents and children, we managed to chip the wood from the felled trees to create pathways around the garden and onto the woodland.
We have received from the Woodland Trust 30 new trees – Dogwood, Holly, Hazel, Hawthorn and many more. These will be planted over the next couple of weeks to encourage more birds and wildlife next year.
The RSPB spent a successful day with Reception children recently. Birdwatching sessions took place and one watch we saw 12 different species of birds in 15 minutes, including Coal Tit, Wren, Robin, Blue Tits and Chaffinches. The children are all very enthusiastic about what is happening in the garden.
Our aim over the next couple of weeks is to dig over the meadow area and carry on planting up around the pond. We can then lay more meadow/wildflower seed around it. Any donations of summer bulbs or wildlife plants would be much appreciated.
Anyone who would like to get involved in the ongoing project please contact Mrs Cassidy. Thank you for your ongoing support.
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