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The Great Eggshibition 2012 - 29 March 2012

This year’s theme for The Great Eggshibition was the Egglympics! There were over ninety entries, including some very detailed Eggshibits of Paralympic cycling and basketball, canoeing, wrestling, weight lifting, swimming, gymnastics and many more. These amazing entries, from the children across the school, were made using pictures, cotton wool, pipe cleaners, fabrics and glitter. As well as using lots of materials, the most important part was to have as many eggs as you needed to create your Egglympic sport.  
All the entries were very successful however, only one could win. Alex from 2HS won first prize with his eggsiting archery. Second prize was won by Sasha in 4T with her fantastic solo diving. Zoe in 1N won third prize with her wonderful Egghibit of water polo. All the entries were very hard to judge and it took four days to decide who the winner was going to be.  The judges were Mr Birtles, Mr Seymour, Mrs Ward and most importantly the school governors. They were very proud of all the entries.
Next year we look forward to seeing lots more entries.
Thank you everyone for entering, please scroll down to see some of the eggcellent entries.  

Written by Ciara Brady 6M