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St Thomas’ International Day of Languages and Culture

The whole school has had an international “buzz” today! From Reception through to Year 6 the children have all celebrated their first international day. The aim of the day was to promote all aspects of learning linking it to a particular country and culture.
Reception had a fabulous Polish food tasting session including sausages, bread, dumplings, maize sticks, sticky crisps and even gherkins. They learned to count in Polish and even said their prayer in Polish too.
Year 1 concentrated on China. They all had a chance to design and taste sweet and sour vegetables and write a report about it. They looked at where in the world China is situated and looked at endangered species concentrating on the panda. Their Willow pattern plates looked fabulous.
Year 2 got the chance to study Madagascar. They did their maths in French and their literacy was a comparison of characters from the film Madagascar – what fun! In the afternoon they made a snake from different materials and will be visited by a real snake courtesy of Ms Smith TA.
Year 3 entered into the spirit of things by focusing on Mexico and, in particular the ancient Aztec culture. They made Patolli games and learned what serious gamblers the Aztecs really were. In addition, they made death masks and headdresses. At break time they were treated to hot chocolate (as the Aztecs discovered cocoa beans) and tortillas!
Year 4 decided to have a Greek week! The children have learned all about Greek mathematicians, theatre, Olympics and food. They loved making mosaics of the symbols of Greek gods and goddesses. The highlight was definitely the Rainbow Theatre Group who brought all aspects of the learning to life with full pupil and staff participation.
Year 5 drew on the expertise of their teachers. They thoroughly enjoyed learning Gaelic football and Irish dancing. Lots of different aspects of South Africa were studied and the children especially loved the playground games. A further focus on France helped the pupils to appreciate the French culture and enhanced their weekly language learning.
Year 6 have had a truly international week choosing to study a different country each day! Australia, France, Ireland and Brazil provided them with a truly multi-cultural approach to their studies. What an amazing trip around the world!
Mr Birtles awarded each class a certificate to mark their participation in the first international day. We hope this event becomes a tradition at St Thomas’ School. My thanks to all the teachers, support staff, children and parents for making a success of the day. It was a real privilege to walk around the school and see everyone working so hard to make learning come alive for our children.
Mrs Cattini