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Senior Moment! - 12 March 2010


Mr Seymour led our boys’ choir in a celebration of music and song in our ‘Senior Moment’ performance held in the school hall recently.

Thank you to everybody who was involved in bringing some of the elderly members of our community into school. It was lovely to see the younger and older members of the community together in school enjoying themselves.

Thank you to Mr Seymour and Mrs Steward for playing and supporting the boys’ vocal group. Thanks also to Nosa Ekairia and Emeronce Lesurf for their solos. Thanks also to the Yr 3 children and staff who created invites, provided food and welcomed the guests. Thanks also to Mrs Morris and Mrs Birtles for their involvement.

Our next soiree will be on Thursday 1st April at 2pm, hosted by our year 4 pupils.

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