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ParentMail2 Troubleshooting

Experiencing difficulties with Parentmail 2??
Now that we have been using Parentmail 2 for a while we have noticed some recurring issues that parents are experiencing:
Are you using the correct website ?? - please note the ‘2’ in the address
Forgotten your password ??
You are able to re-set your password yourself. Go to the web address above, on the bottom left of the screen there is a line that says ‘Forgot login details’ click this and enter your e mail address you will then receive and e mail which guides you to re-set your password.
Problems with payments ??
We have been advised that there is an issue with payments using apple products such as I pads, I phones etc. If you experience difficulties please try to use an alternate computer.
If you have saved your card you will have put in a secure password when you set the card up. If you cannot remember this you will not be able to re-set it. To work around this please make a one off payment (link at the bottom of the screen that shows your saved cards) or save the card again calling it something different and make sure you remember the new password you put in.
Add a new child
To add a new child to your existing Parentmail 2 account. Log in. On the top left of the screen there is a yellow box that says ‘Add new child/school’ click this and then enter the unique code that you have received from the school.
My unique code has expired ??
You will need to request a new code from the school office. Please call 01375 375826 or e mail