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O2 Archive 2011

Dear Children,


Please click on the music below to practice at home! You can also download the words by clicking the on the document under the songs. At the bottom of this page is the link to the Young Voices website where you can watch videos of how it will look when we are there! You can also find the information about the change of date. Please make a note of it.

We also welcome all the children from the Quarry Hill Primary School Young Voice Choir! We hope you find the information useful.

Please practice at home and remember to attend all rehearsals in the Music Department on Fridays after school.

17 Queen medley

16 Pop medley

15 The fields of Athenray

14 Step it out Mary

13 Something inside so strong 2nd part only

12 Something inside so strong 1st part only

11 Something inside so strong

10 Precious

09 Toy Story

08 How can I keep aah's

07 How can I keep ooo's

06 How can I keep from singing

05 Gaudete

04 Hey hey we're the monkees

03 Last month of the year

02 Power in me

01 Craig intro