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Year 6 Girls Take on Staff for Netball Tournament

This week, the Year 6’s played a match against the teachers in Netball. The pupils who played against the teachers were Ella, Eavie, Emma, Matylda, Annabell, Libby and Colette and the teachers who played against pupils were Mr Smith, Miss Doyle, Mr Brennan, Mr Turton, Mrs Hudson, Miss Dashfield, Mrs Venebales and Mr Wojcik.

At first, the game was quite tough but later on it became easier for the Year 6’s to score. During some of the matches, there were many penalties for the teachers and a few scores from the pupils. The teachers who had most of the penalties were Mr Wojcik, Mr Smith and Mr Brennan.

The funniest moments during the match were when Mr Wojcik moved the Netball post while Libby was trying to shoot. Consequently, we got an extra point therefore the Year 6’s were in the lead. Additionally, when Mr Brennan was about to pass the ball to Mr Wojcik in a stylish way, he accidentally threw the ball off the court, allowing the Year 6’s to have the ball. Also, Libby mistakenly nudged Mr Turton in the face with her elbow while she was running to get the ball.

Unfortunately, Mr Smith scored some goals for his team. Thankfully, Ella and Libby saved the day by scoring more goals than Mr Smith then we eventually won the match!

Thank you for all the staff that played in this year’s match against the Year 6’s and a very special thank you to Miss Webb and Mrs Walsh for coaching the pupils to have a great Netball/ High five training. Also, thank you for this match and we will never forget it!