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St Thomas' Numeracy Day 2021

Thank you to all the children aided by you their creative parents/carers who took place in our Numeracy Day on Wednesday. The children were delighted by the opportunity to dress up and shared enthusiastically what their costumes showed with me. Mrs Harris our KS 2 Maths Subject Leader wrote:

As soon as the pupils arrived on Wednesday, there was a buzz in the air. Staff and children alike were dressed for the day in their Maths’ themed shirts. The amount of creativity and variety of the shirts was truly amazing. The pupils experienced a wide variety of Maths’ related activities such as exploring shapes in everyday objects, creating their own clocks and talking about time, solving problem involving money, real life problems involving temperature and weather and many more. All over the school, there was an atmosphere of fun and the amount of mathematical talk was incredibly beneficial to the pupils’ growing understanding of Maths. Thank you to all of the staff who worked so hard to make the day such a success. Thank you also to the parents for supporting the day by helping their children to design their shirts.