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School Councillors Visit Mayoral Office

On Friday 15th January, the whole school council was specially invited by Madame Mayor, Sue Gray to visit the Civic Council offices of Thurrock. It was a very exciting day, full of fun, wonderful experiences.

After the quick journey, we were escorted by Madame Mayor herself to the Mayor's Parlour. During that time, we had the chance to enjoy an experience of being in the chambers. Lexie was the chairperson and sat at the front of the chamber, next to Madame Mayor.

In the chamber, we sat in the comfortable councillor seats and held a meeting. Although our meeting only lasted half an hour, we found out that on some occasions, the council meetings can last up to five hours!

After the meeting we were welcomed to a treat of biscuits and juice. Once we had finished our treats we were given a great opportunity of each wearing Madame Mayor's actual ceremonial robe and chains.

We also pleaded for Mrs Ward to wear the ceremonial gown and our wish was granted.

Please see the photographs below.

Thank you to Madame Mayor for this wonderful opportunity. Also thank you to Mrs Ignatov and Mrs Ward for accompanying us.