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New Craze on Social Media Sites

A new and alarming game on social media is encouraging children to go missing for 48-hours.

Children even get extra points if their concerned friends and family post help online to find them.

The Facebook game, which has alleged to have been played in Ireland and in Europe, has already seen teens as young as 14 take part.

The Children's Society has previously issued advice of what to do when your child goes missing.

The charity suggests:

  • Check all over your house to make sure they aren't hiding anyway there
  • Search your garden, sheds, garages and any other buildings
  • Try to contact your child through phone, text or social media
  • Call the police on 101 or 999 if you believe they may be in serious danger. You do not need to wait 24 hours
  • Make sure you record the crime reference number and the investigating officer's name and badge number
  • Check your child's social media account for any information as to where they could have gone
  • Check their phone bills and internet history for any unusual activity
  • Remain calm