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Maths Day

Today was Maths Day at school and the children were encouraged to come to school dressed in a maths inspired costume. Throughout the day there were many fun activities organised that linked to the subject.

Here are a few of the comments from children as the day unfolded:


"I loved the activities, it encourages lots of people to enjoy maths!"

"I liked that there were challenges and it encouraged me to complete them"

"I love doing the maths activities and it's my favourite subject"

"I enjoyed Maths Day because I got to dress up!"

"We got to play some fantastic maths games"

"My favourite part was doing maths all day!"

"I liked the games and creating the games"

"I enjoyed working hard at the challenge to discover all the cards"

"I loved doing the maths grid.

"I loved decorating my top for maths day"


Please enjoy our photos from the day